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The Work

The Center for the Human Spirit and Radical Reimagining serves as a convener for individuals, communities, institutions, and systems across sectors interested in deepening their understanding of the issues impacting them and people of the global majority who are disparately suffering from the impact of inequitable policy and oppressive practices. More importantly, the Center is a catalyst of transformation—combining education, equity and justice-centered critical social analysis, the tenets of healing justice, and contemplative practice to activate the collective social imagination to disrupt and reweave institutions, systems, and communities for collective liberation and healing. 

The Center is a catalyst for stimulating the imagination, which fuels revolution toward equity and justice, and makes the process of personal and systemic transformation possible. We serve as the vessel for individuals, groups, communities, institutions, and systems seeking to put forth new transformative and liberatory theories; and those who desire to deepen their understanding and advocacy for social impact and uplift of the human spirit. 

Kneeling Protestors

Research, Activism & Outreach

“I think that another word for activism is… imagination. Because it’s about this idea of being able to envision a world that doesn’t yet exist… Advocacy is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. We advocate for our survival."

—Anuscheh Amir-Khalili

  • The Center for the Human Spirit and Radical Reimagining produces thought-altering research that influences policy and practice for equity, justice, uplift of the human spirit, and collective liberation. 

  • As a practice of institutional fugitivity, the Center works outside of academic institutions but partners with the academic community, community groups, organizations, and systems to advance research and formulates unified policy agendas through the lenses of equity and justice.

  • Through outreach and activism, the Center works with

    • community to build coalitions for concerted action;

    • expands and develops opportunities for dreaming and collaboration among impacted people and movement leaders to build shared agendas and sustain strategic disruption; and

    • engages policy makers, organizations, institutions, and systems through research and organic intellectualism to alter policy and practice for communal wellness, equity, justice, and elevation of the human spirit. 

Collective Social Imagining
& Innovation

“As you enter positions of trust and power, dream a little before you think.”

—Toni Morrison

  • The Center for the Human Spirit and Radical Reimagining believes the imagination is the key to present social change. We convene and lead groups, communities, organizations and systems in increasing their capacity to engage the imagination and encourage them to dream up solutions to their most pressing issues. 

  • The Center engages the power of the imagination to think outside of what has already been thought to construct collective social agendas to transform themselves, groups, communities, organizations, and systems toward healing and liberation for those suffering most under the thumb of oppression. 

  • After dreaming, we think with groups, organizations, institutions, and systems to develop concrete, innovative, harm reducing strategies and tactics for transformation moving us from the realm of the imaginative to real structural and procedural change. 


Contemplative & Healing Justice

“Healing is the capacity to restore our humanity and care for ourselves and others even in the midst of our fear.”

—Shawn Ginwright

  • The Center for the Human Spirit and Radical Reimagining understands social and systematic transformation as a result of collective personal transformation. We will put contemplative practice into service of developing an ethos and practice of contemplative justice. 

  • We heal and bolster the human spirit by providing tools, teaching, and practicing strategies and tactics that allow individuals, groups, and communities to address the trauma and violence inherent in systems as we collectively fight for equity, justice, and liberation.

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Cultural Transformation & New Futures

“Look closely at the present you are constructing:

it should look like the future you are dreaming.” 

 —Alice Walker 

  • The Center for the Human Spirit and Radical Reimagining is a catalyst for personal, institutional, systemic, and cultural transformation.

  • Understanding the present and urgent need for a cultural shift for people of the global majority and other oppressed groups, we develop strategies and tactical maneuvers that work toward the closure of equity gaps in the present and enliven the imagination to dream and make manifest new, equitable futures. 

  • Utilizing convenings, coalition building, workshops, and trainings, The Center for the Human Spirit and Radical Reimagining focuses on data driven truth-telling and ontological development to activate personal, social, structural, systemic, and procedural metamorphosis. 

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