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Defining Terms

Contemplative Justice

As defined by Dr. Robinson-Morris, “contemplative justice is the active cultivation or development of the inner witness or critical consciousness of the self imbued with the ability to: observe the movements of one’s own heart and the systems we inhabit; recognize oppression and colonization in all their forms and manifestations; and actively work to disrupt internal oppression and injustice for external transformation.” 


Healing Justice

Coined by Cara Page, healing justice is a philosophy, political strategy and movement building framework that holistically identifies and addresses how we can holistically address collective harm, violence, and generational trauma. Healing Justice brings to the fore collective practices that have the ability to impact and transform the consequences of oppression on our bodies, hearts, and minds. 


Contemplative Practice

Contemplative Practice, as defined by Dr. Robinson-Morris, is the cultivation of home within yourself and the world through deep, active intellectual, spiritual, and embodied engagement with self, others—the seen and unseen—toward a transformative ecological understanding of complete interconnectedness. 

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