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About Us

The Center for the Human Spirit and Radical Reimagining began in 2023 as one way to answer—right where we stand—the global call for personal and societal transformation required to recalibrate the understanding of our shared humanity and ecological kinship in these global moments of reckoning and strife. 


The Center for the Human Spirit and Radical Reimagining is the start of a movement that challenges dis-ease and fragmentation, resists inequity, recognizes our interconnectedness, tends to and uplifts our spirits, and engages our collective social imaginations for transformative liberation.


We marry radical imagination and vision, education and research, and collective care with transformative modes of political and social action and advocacy to make real-in-the-world justice, equity, healing,  and collective liberation in the present while dreaming up new futures.


This Center is an evolution of the work begun by our founder, Dr. David W. Robinson-Morris, when he created The Center for Equity, Justice, and the Human Spirit at Xavier University of Louisiana in August 2018.


We envision a liberatory, interconnected world committed to flourishing, collective liberation, communal healing, and uplift of the human spirit wherever we find it oppressed. 


The Center for the Human Spirit and Radical Reimagining engages the power of the collective social imagination, research and education, and activism to reweave the world for equity, justice, and flourishing of the human spirit through critical research and public engagement for all oppressed peoples; most especially, people of the global majority.


The Center forges its impact at the intersection of imagination, intellectual curiosity, and contemplative justice to realize its mission of promoting innovative thinking, developing creative equity and justice-centered solutions, and catalyzing activism to deeply understanding the issues vexing the human spirit, transforming society, and eliminating systemic inequities for collective liberation and healing. 

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