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Engaging the Imagination to Uplift the Human Spirit and Transform Society for Collective Liberation

Photograph of a sculpture by Karon Davis, titled "Mary, from the series Pain Management, 2016


The Center for the Human Spirit and Radical Reimagining began in 2023 as one way to answer—right where we stand—the global call for personal and societal transformation required to recalibrate the understanding of our shared humanity and ecological kinship in these global moments of strife and reckoning. 

At The Center for the Human Spirit and Radical Reimagining, we marry radical imagination and vision, education and research, and collective care with transformative modes of political and social action and advocacy to make manifest justice, equity, healing, and collective liberation in the present while dreaming up new futures.

Neck Tattoo
Megaphone Protestor
Protest Signs
Street Corner Protestors
Crowd Protesting
Public Demonstration
Protest Sign
Protest March Signs
Protest Street Sign
Kneeling Protestors
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